Chiang Mai

Simply put, Chiang Mai has it all. One of the top destinations to work and live, this small city in Northern Thailand is anyone’s idea of paradise.

Nicknamed, “The Rose of the North”, Chiang Mai is a place of lush abundance, adventure, connection, and discovery.. It perfectly balances the excitement and variety of an urban landscape with the peaceful tranquility of nature, a vibrant local culture, and the dramatic wildness of the surrounding mountains and jungle environment. It’s truly a place for lifestyle explorers, those looking to create an entirely new kind of experience within which to push their own boundaries, and, discover their next level of being.

With an abundance of healthy, organic food; yoga and healing centers; cafes with Wi-Fi, and nearby adventures into nature, Chiang Mai is an ideal location for building a location independent business and lifestyle. Within and surrounding the old, walled city straddling the Ping River you can find affordable accommodation; fast internet connections; shopping; nightlife; massage; handicrafts; co-working spaces; and, good coffee. The community is abuzz with various meetups, networking events, and cultural activities.

So if you’ve decided to take the plunge and spend some time in Chiang Mai - congratulations! You’re about to embark on one of the most exciting chapters of your life. We truly hope this guide will serve to welcome you into this incredible community, and, provide guidance as you settle into your new, creative lifestyle.

Best Time of Year to Visit

November to February, which could also be called, “Chiang Mai Winter” is THE best time of year to spend in this northern paradise. With high temperatures averaging 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) and relatively low humidity, you may find yourself breaking out your long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, sweater, and/or a light jacket at night-that is, if you remembered to pack something warm!

Compared to the rest of Thailand, Chiang Mai enjoys cooler (relative) overall temperatures and a lower (relative) humidity. From March to October, expect hot and/or steamy/wet weather. March to May is the hottest time of year, with average high temperatures between 34 to 36 (93-97 Fahrenheit) . Humidity remains low. The monsoon begins in May and continues into October. During this time, expect high humidity and heavy rainfall, though typically only for an hour or two and usually only at night.

* Burning season - Each year, from approximately March to April, farmers burn their fields to prepare for next season’s crops. With the air thick with smoke and dust, most people agree it’s NOT the best time of year to visit.

Tal Gur has been a world traveler, location independent entrepreneur, and digital nomad for more than 10 years. An adventurer at heart, after trading his daily grind for a life of his own daring design, Tal spent a decade pursuing 100 major life goals around the globe.
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