Medellin Secrets

Wouldn't you like to save time and discover the very best that Medellin has to offer - what to do, where to stay, where to eat... ?

There are loads of travel guides for tourists visiting Medellin, BUT

Medellin Secrets is different

More than a tourist guide, Medellin Secrets is an insider's companion to truly living in the city and experiencing its best, from accommodation and coworking spaces to gyms, yoga, cafes, healthy restaurants and more.

We only critique and highlight TOP places to make the most out of your most precious resource – your time.

This book has NO fillers nor fluff.
No lengthy stories about Medellin's history.
No sugar-coated descriptions.
No "photoshopped" or colorized photos.

Medellin Secrets cuts straight to the chase, quickly and painlessly. It wastes no time.

Just like meeting and exploring with a local friend, you’ll learn what you need to know quickly and directly!

Again, this is NOT a tourist’s guide; plenty of those already exist on the market. This guide is intended for anyone who wants to truly LIVE Medellin.


Here’s What’s Covered:

1. Getting started
- Where to stay (not necessarily where tourists are).
- How to get a SIM card including the best local mobile networks
- Getting in and out the city (planes, trains, and everything in between)
- Emergency/medical options
- Getting around the city (Should you Uber, or...?)
- Available visas and how to obtain/extend them
- Best time to visit, key festivals, events, and more

2. Staying fit and healthy
- Best gyms and fitness centers
- Swimming pools and day spas
- Yoga studios
- Highest rated hair and beauty salons

3. Business & shopping
- Best coworking spaces and work-friendly cafes
- Libraries and bookstores
- Best shopping malls
- Markets, computer stores, and more

4. What to do and see
- Popular attractions
- Historical landmarks
- Art galleries and museums
- Theme parks, zoos, aquariums, and more

5. Best places to eat
- Best vegan and vegetarian spots
- Cafes and healthy breakfast spots
- Tapas, burger joints, and pizza places
- Sushi and Asian restaurants
- Juice bars and smoothie shops
- Ice-cream, dessert places, and more

6. Nightlife & entertainment
- Best bars, pubs, and beer gardens
- Nightclubs, jazz clubs, and dancing venues
- Wine, cocktail and rooftop Bars
- Cinemas and movie theaters

7. Accommodation
- Rental options for every taste and price range
(from hostels and budget apartments to boutique hotels, B&Bs, and luxury hotels)
And more...

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Tal Gur has been a world traveler, location independent entrepreneur, and digital nomad for more than 10 years. An adventurer at heart, after trading his daily grind for a life of his own daring design, Tal spent a decade pursuing 100 major life goals around the globe.
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