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Want to save hundreds of dollars on your next trip? Check out my “7 Days to Travel Hacking Mastery” - A Step-by-Step Course to Experiencing More and Spending Less on the Road.

In just one hour a day, over seven days, I’ll show you all the tools, strategies, and habits I used for more than 10 years, to travel comfortably without spending all my money.

More than saving money. you’ll also learn how to create the perfect travel plan, develop the right mindset, and how to make friends on the road. Get clear on which technology, gadgets, and gear to bring with you, and what to leave at home. And, find out how to stay healthy, fit, and productive!

Save hundreds of dollars on your next trip. Avoid mistakes. And, have the trip of a lifetime!

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"As a seasoned traveler (been on the go, on and off, since 1999), I’d like to recommend this course to anyone who’s looking for all the pointers that make travel easier (and cheaper) in one place. I have found a lot of these tips and tricks by trial and error. This would be a shortcut, learning from others’ experiences. I enjoy how much Tal Gur doesn’t promote specific brands, except when giving examples of banks who don’t charge a fee for currency conversion. I appreciate how much of a ‘whole-istic’ view he encourages for future travelers. The ‘why’ of travel is so much more important than the ‘how’..." Iku Me.


"Tal is an expert in translating larger than life dreams into reality. His courses and materials are not for the faint of heart. They make great demands upon the people wanting to make their perceived impossible dreams happen, especially the ones that choose to complete the exercises, prepare resulting action plans to make their wildest dreams come true. It is evident Tal walks what he talks, as attested in his materials." Earle B.