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“You Don’t Choose Bali, Bali Chooses You.” That’s what people say and with beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, jungle waterfalls, rice paddies, volcanic mountain backdrops, friendly locals, great weather, and fresh food what’s not to love?! TripAdvisor voted Bali as the best travel destination on earth in 2017 but with 17,508 islands that make up Indonesia […]

Chiang Mai

Simply put, Chiang Mai has it all. One of the top destinations to work and live, this small city in Northern Thailand is anyone’s idea of paradise. Nicknamed, “The Rose of the North”, Chiang Mai is a place of lush abundance, adventure, connection, and discovery.. It perfectly balances the excitement and variety of an urban […]


Barcelona — a city that has it all. This culturally rich, cosmopolitan city is known for its architecture and art, but Barcelona also boasts sandy beaches, wild parakeets, boutique shopping, and outdoor adventure. Quite simply, it’s a bustling metropolitan paradise where city life and beach life are wrapped up in one glorious package. Barcelona has […]


This marvelous metropolis known as The Pearl on the Danube certainly doesn’t disappoint. It might not have the glitz and glamour of a diamond such as Paris, but this diverse city is sure to charm you with its rich heritage, grand buildings, and vibrant nightlife. Hungary’s bustling and beautiful capital city has been on the […]


Medellin, known as ‘The City of Eternal Spring’, has turned over a new leaf since the 90’s when it was known as being one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Medellin is now a vibrant and progressive city that is gaining popularity with visitors who enjoy its thriving cafe culture, vibrant nightlife, friendly […]


Berlin is the perfect mixture of glamour and casual. It’s a city that is full of history, culture and fun which makes it a perfect travel spot for pretty much everyone. So, whether you want to whisk your loved one away for romantic holiday or want your family to learn and flourish from the stories […]


A colorful city (in every sense) Prague provides it all – nightlife like no other with beer so cheap that water costs more, a superb public transport system, an affordable lifestyle (when compared with other European cities), fast internet, an abundance of art and architecture, and a historic old town split in two by the […]

Ho Chi Minh City

Better known by its former name of Saigon, Ho Chi Minh or HCMC as it’s abbreviated to, is a sprawling metropolis that is in constant motion, the streets filled with colorful chaos and an unmistakable buzz. First time visitors are often overwhelmed with the noise, crowds, and pollution but if this initial culture shock can […]

Tel Aviv

If you’re looking for a city that’s got it all, look no further than Tel Aviv. Kilometres of immaculate beach and pristine shoreline fringe a city that celebrates its ancient history without compromising on a flourishing modern-day culture. This is a city that is infused with both history and hedonism, a tangible contrast that gives […]


This beautiful city, known as Lisboa by locals, successfully manages to blend the traditional way of life with a lively cosmopolitan vibe. The city has become a top European holiday destination in recent years and is now a hub for digital nomads with an exciting tech startup scene. With friendly locals, delicious food, superb weather, […]